Post-Car Adventuring, Post-Car Press’s flagship project, is a collection of trips published and disseminated via both print and online media.

Post-Car Adventuring, the zine.

The trips described here provide inspiration, ideas, and information for car-free trips to (mostly natural) areas commonly thought be to inaccessible without a personal vehicle.  Post-Car Adventuring is aimed at would-be weekend car campers, newbie bike tourists, experienced bike tourists, dayhikers, backpackers, etc. At an even larger level, the project’s intended audience is the  large group of urbanites who rarely need and use a personal automobile in the city but continue to own a car because they perceive it it as a necessity for rural and wilderness trips.  In this way, Post-Car Adventuring is one more component of the livable streets movement in American cities.

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San Francisco Bay Area

By ‘size’ (length, intensity):      Small  //  Medium // Large

By destination:    Hot Springs // Wineries, wine country // Coast and Shoreline // Hostels // Camping //

By region:     [[map]]


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