We’ve moved!

February 4, 2009

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Country and Harbin Hot Springs!


5 Responses to “We’ve moved!”

  1. kit said

    Hey I went to school in Angwin. Adventism is a bit more like the closest middle ground between judaism and christianity than new-agism.

    Anyway I’ve not been out to those hot springs but would love to. Did you have any problems with the salt spray on the ferry?

    We rode into St. Helena and up to Angwin, but then took a bus back from St. Helena in the pouring rain, and subsequently put our bikes onto the ferry. When we got off the ferry, our chains were covered in rust that hadn’t been there that morning. Ugh.

  2. bikeculturetheory said

    Hey Kit —

    Thanks for your comment — the ‘new-agism’ I mentioned is at Harbin, not in Angwin. I didn’t know that school was there before biking up there– it seemed like a nice place to be as we rode through town.

    So yeah, this was a great trip, and at the end of the day I can think of worse people to be around than new age hippies 🙂 The springs are also one of the best deals around, cheap for baths and camping.

    We didn’t have trouble with the salt spray, in part because there was practically no one on the ferry and we were able to put our bikes inside. I think they suggest bringing something to cover them with in case you do have to put them outside.

  3. sue said

    how would this ride have been if you had done it in reverse (which i am thinking of doing). how do you think the decent on ida clayton on dirt on a road bike would be?

    • bikeculturetheory said

      hi sue,

      the ride in reserve would be doable, even on road tires — we saw one brave soul doing just that on our way up, though he was taking it slow and breaking hard. it would not be a very fun descent, but also not impossible or terribly hard.

  4. Harbin is on my list too! I can’t wait. ~Amanda

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