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August 15, 2008

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  1. Leif said

    A friend and I did this trip starting last Thursday, for 3 nights of camping. It was really fun.

    Call the park before you go. They were working on the south gate road when we got there, and they were directing traffic all the way around Mt. Diablo. We cheated and walked our bikes along trails until we got past the roadwork, but it would have been better had we known the road was closed. Also, a worker warned us there was a cop writing tickets for people who got on the road but we never saw him.

    Thursday night was wonderful because the campground was almost deserted. On Friday we hiked up from Juniper campground to the top and saw the little museum there, and on Saturday we biked down to Rock City and did the Devil’s Slide trail, which was nice because it was along a riverbed and it had a fair amount of shady trees.

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