We’ve moved! Hit the link below to be redirected to West Marin Hikes!

August 11, 2008

Click here to be redirected to this page on our

new site.


– Post-Car Press

4 Responses to “We’ve moved! Hit the link below to be redirected to West Marin Hikes!”

  1. brian said

    Wow this is great info! My girlfriend and I just moved to SF from NYC and do not have a car, nor do we plan to get one. We love hiking/camping and it has been really difficult to come across any info on how to get to these great outdoor places in the bay area without a car. This site was a true find.

  2. Java cat said

    http://www.511.org/ has all kinds of info about getting around the Bay Area with or without a car. Browse around the links.

  3. […] park has hike-and-bike campsites which are only $3 and require no reservation.  Not into cycling, take the bus right to the park and still use the super cheap and convenient hike-and-bike sites.  Full details on the trip […]

  4. Stephany said

    Thank you, thank you for posting this in such detail. I, too, have tired of $50+ car share trips just to do brief hikes, or spend a day in Stinson.

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