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July 16, 2008

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– Post-Car Press


4 Responses to “We’ve moved! Hit the link below to be redirected to Big Sur!”

  1. […] 7:20 7:42 capitol corridor from OAK Colisseum to San Jose, arrive 8:45 9:05 MST express bus from Sanhttps://bikeandhike.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/bike-explore-and-camp-big-sur-in-36-hours-out-and-back-f…Mississippi Outdoors: News and notes – DeSoto AppealAs part of the MWE, there will be a 3D Archery […]

  2. kit said

    i really want to do a long weekend variation on this one:

    day 1: bus into santa cruz on a friday morning, ride 45ish miles to monterey and camp at the “veteran’s park” campground you mentioned
    day 2: bike your route from monterey to big sur
    day 3: bike back to monterey and catch the bus

    • bikeculturetheory said

      This would be a nice variation on the trip, I kind of like that ride between SC and Monterey, especially once you hit those paths in the sand dunes. Vets Park is nice, if not a little removed from downtown (It’s up on top of a hill, but essentially right in the middle of the Monterey Peninsula). If you do this route and would like to write up a little summary of it, how it went, we can add it to the all-too-quick version we’ve already posted. – J

  3. RaiulBaztepo said

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    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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